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Graphic design

We all know how important details are for making an impression on someone. Do you have an attractive apartment or more of them, interior of the restaurant decorated down to the smallest detail and good food but no promotional material to accompany the overall impression? We all know that guest recommendations are the best propaganda and the best sales channel one can have in tourism business so why don’t we ensure that our satisfied guests take attractive brochures of your facilities, your restaurant or rural household back home with them and show their friends and acquaintances, your future guests, where you are, how you decorated your facilities and how to reach you?

Why, for example, wouldn’t you enable your guests to send a postcard from their destination with your property photo and contact details named on it?

We will make you creative and attractive visual propaganda materials of all kinds from brochures, flyers, business cards, memorandums, wedding invitations, posters to complete visual identities for companies (from „drawing“ a logo onwards) at affordable prices.

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