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Property management

Property management was so far reserved for a few richer owners of luxurious real estates that could afford that service. All of you who have a smaller weekend house, inebriated real estate, apartment of a flat, up until now have had to relay on the good will of your neighbors and hope that the real estate will be ok when you finally come to your well deserved vacation. Hassling with the bills, trembling after each storm, calling your neighbors to check if the house was broken into and the stale stink that would “greet” you upon your arrival can all now become the past.

Select one of our affordable service packages or contact us for making an individual package of services to meet your needs!

The Basic package of services


  • visiting your property once a month and airing it for at least one hour
  • detailed internal and external inspection of the facility (checking whether there is any damage, moisture or parasites inside or outside of the property)
  • creating and sending (via e-mail or any other means if so agreed) a monthly report on the state of the property with photos of any changes that occurred
  • watering flowers and other house plants during each visit
  • storing your key in a safe deposit box (and issuing it to third parties upon your written request)
  • mediation in recruitment of specialized companies or individuals to remedy breakdowns or damages if needed


Price: 150.00 HRK per month


Basic Plus service package

Includes all of the above mentioned services (named under the Basic package of services) and:

  • reading the electricity and water meter
  • taking care of your mail (forwarding it to your home address of sending it in electronic form if agreed)
  • payment of bills
  • running the water from all the taps to prevent the formation of scale in pipes, lavatory cisterns and boilers
  • inspection and replacement of light bulbs

Price: 200.00 HRK per month


Plus package

Includes all named in the previous two packages with:

  • visiting the property twice a month
  • general cleaning of the entire property before the arrival of the owner (and / or of the person authorized by the owner); making sure there is hot water in water heaters and regulating the air temperature in the apartment
  • cleaning the property after your departure
  • taking care of used linen and towels
  • maintenance of the garden and the house surroundings (planting, mowing lawns, trimming trees and bushes etc.)

Price: on request (depending on the size of property, the frequency of owner visits and the size and complexity of the plot maintenance)